Andrel Harris is a natural when it comes to motivating others and being self-motivated. She is a creative visionary, a Certified Financial Educator, a beauty enthusiast, branding strategist, a mentor and a sought-after motivational speaker. Andrel has a passion for bringing out the inner beauty of others as well as helping them on their journey to becoming successful. She is purpose driven and believes that we were all created to learn, grow and evolve.

Andrel knew at a young age that there was more to life than just being mediocre. She grew up in a middle-class household, but was eager to push beyond what seemed to be the “norm”. She had a desire to know more, do more and become more, always keeping her eyes on the prize of someday living the life that she envisioned. As a young adult, Andrel began to pursue her passion in the beauty industry, successfully completing school in 2005. During this time she had several career changes and became more conscious about her finances.

Andrel has always been diligent when it comes to prioritizing, especially when it involves finances. She often refers to this wisdom as her “six sense”. She landed a job at a Fortune 500 company, earning more than peers her age; there she learned valuable skills and a plethora of knowledge about the financial industry. Soon after she was established in her career, she purchased a new car and built her first home. At the height of her career she experienced the effects of the recession. This caused her to lose almost half of her income and she was immediately faced with a mountain of debt and a depleted savings account. In a serious financial crunch, Andrel was then forced into a position where she had to apply everything that she had been taught. She was able to turn her situation completely around in less than a year. After many sacrifices and a lot of discipline, her life has changed for the better.

Andrel has been on the rise, changing lives and inspiring others ever since. She is very passionate about empowering and educating the masses to take control of their finances. To date, she has spent eight years working in the financial industry, and during this time quickly became aware of a huge knowledge and wealth gap for minorities. This has led Andrel to launch AH University, an online platform of self-paced courses giving individuals a starting point towards winning financially. AH University offers a wide array of courses, but specializes in debt reduction. Andrel has seen first hand how debt affects many lives, and has launched her signature program, “Back To Freedom”, to help individuals fast-track their debt-free journey. Because of her skilled approach to tackling debt, she has been called the “Debt Slayer”. Andrel has helped numerous people slay their debt and regain financial control. In 2017, she launched her own financial firm, AH Financial Group, LLC. This firm was established to provide a variety of financial tools and resources to help individuals succeed in creating wealth. She also launched a support community called the Creating Wealth Society.

Because of her discipline and accomplishments, Andrel was featured in an article in the prestigious Forbes magazine. She has also appeared on her local radio station, spoken at various events as well as on several podcasts, and has had the honor of facilitating a debt reduction class for Dr. Boyce Watkins’ “My Black Wealth Year” members.

Andrel completed a personal and family financial course through the University of Florida. She also passed the necessary framework with the National Financial Educators Council to earn the distinctive title of Certified Financial Educator Instructor.